“We provide optimum quality to all our services. It defines quality as synonymous to efficiency, effectiveness, consistency, dependability, honesty and loyalty. These are the factors essential to the attainment of over-all credibility of our services as will be manifested by our company’s continues growth and satisfaction of our clients.”

Services We Offer

Specialized Security Services

The security personnel we offer do not go through a generic training and skills enhancement, but a specialized training on the skill sets needed in a particular industry. Currently, Falcon Force Services the following industries:

Whatever industry our customer is in, we make sure that they are highly qualified and competent to do their assigned tasks. We make sure our officers are physically, emotionally and psychologically capable.


Innovative Force Security Services

Providing Quality Service.

Strategic presence in UAE.

Consistency in Deployment.

Staff's deployed, licensed as per SIRA & Ministry of Interior requirements.

State of art training with facilities provided.

24 / 7 Management on call.

Licensed by

World Security Training Institute

Security Industry Regulatory Agency

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